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Your compass in the world of cycles

Our app offers you highly personalized sound journeys in which we connect you to your menstrual and lunar cycles. Through biohacking, you can transform into your desired daily potential and navigate through the complexities of everyday life with ease.

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Understand your cycles

On a daily basis, our app helps you to understand whether you are in your inner spring, summer, fall or winter. Which qualities are especially present during this time and how the moon affects you on top of that.

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Connect with yourself

Reflect briefly each day how you feel today and set your intention to accompany you through the day. For example, are you looking for relaxation or do you need a boost of concentration?

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Transform your potential

Our 3D sound journey's let you dive into another world. With biohacking and binaural frequencies tuned to your intentions, you get directly into your desired daily potential.

Be part of the revolution

SISTA's journey has just started and our mission is to make femininity tangible and experienceable on a whole new level. The sound journey is a simple way to sharpen your understanding of yourself, connect with yourself and transform into your desired daily potential - all in one.

Your perfect drug for everyday life!

Be part of SISTA
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"Work cyclically"

— work smarter not harder

At SISTA, we see ourselves as pioneers in a world of new role models for women and men. In our organizational and team culture, we focus on wholeness, self-management, and evolutionary purpose. Cycles play a major role in this. They help us to go into self-management and allow us to show ourselves authentically in our wholeness. We are one of the first companies in Germany to focus on cyclical work and to share our experiences.

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Be one of the first 1,000 SISTA's to support us and enjoy very special offers as a token of our appreciation. Please feel free to share our page with all the women you care about so that we can continue to revolutionize the world together.

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